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About Solutions At Hand

Solutions At Hand is Ottawa’s premier training and consulting firm for Palm Powered® handheld computers. The company was founded in order to provide training and end-user support for handheld computer users, whom – until now – had to fend for themselves when it came to learning about, and becoming more productive with, their PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant).

Mission Statement

We will offer our clients focused training and personalized solutions to ensure that their handheld computer makes their lives more productive, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Why Palm Powered® handhelds?

Why not other types of handhelds? Quite simply, because we believe that Palm Powered® handhelds are the best designed handhelds for mobile computing.A good handheld needs to:

  • Be reliable
  • Be fast, and easy to operate
  • Have the applications you need to get through your day

The Palm OS™ was designed from the ground up to be a handheld operating system, so it’s light-weight, fast, and very easy to use. It’s not like other handhelds, where they’ve tried to cram a desktop operating system into a small box. Today, the Palm OS™ supports:

  • More than 30 million devices sold worldwide
  • More than 275,000 software developers
  • Over 20,000 software programs that run on Palm Powered® handhelds
  • Over 100 hardware add-ons for Palm Powered® PDA’s

Palm Powered® handhelds currently have over 84% of the handheld computing market, according to recent studies. We’re proud to be supporting the Palm Powered® community.

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