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Goodbye to a friend…

Posted by Michael Brown on January 18, 2006

This past weekend my wife and I attended the funeral and memorial for a friend, Stan Fenwick. I’ve known Stan since the early 90’s, when we met working on community musical theatre productions. Over the course of his life, he has served his country through his 30 years in the military, and that service continued through several careers after that. Stan volunteered behind the scenes in community theatre, applying his skills and passion to the roles of Production Co-ordinator, Producer, and wherever else he was needed. Stan was a rock; he provided a stable foundation that allowed these many shows to get off the ground, and it was a pleasure and a privilege to have worked on so many with him.

In his last few years with us, Stan faced many challenges related to his health. Stan embodied the “attitude is everything” that I blogged about last time, keeping up his smile and great sense of humour throughout his self-proclaimed “inconveniences”. He displayed courage nothing short of remarkable, and his love and devotion to his wife was tremendous and unwavering, apparent to all who knew him.

Stan was a man of the world, with many talents, skills and knowledge born of his travels and adventures. His modesty, sense of humour, selflessness and kindness made him a highly valued member of many a production team, and endeared him to all who are proud to have called him friend. Volumes could be written about Stan Fenwick, but I’m not qualified enough to write all that he is, as he was so much to so many of his friends. The overflowing crowds at the church spoke volumes as to how many people he’s touched over the course of his life.

Stan, knowing you has been an inspiration as to how life should be lived. You have touched so many people in so many ways – ways that you now can know, and that we are all beginning to grasp. You will be missed, but not forgotten, as we are all better people for having been able to call you “friend”.


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