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Treo Battery-saving Tips & Tricks

Posted by Michael Brown on August 10, 2007

Find your Treo battery isn’t getting you through the day? Two things can be responsible for that. The first is poor coverage areas; like any cell phone, if the Treo isn’t getting good coverage, it powers up the radio to full in an attempt to reach the nearest cellular tower. If you’re going to be in an area for a while where you don’t get good coverage, you can turn your Treo’s radio off to save battery juice. A “profiles” type program may help schedule/automate this for you if your work or home location has poor coverage. The second is a logic flaw in the Treo’s Date & Time preferences, exasperated by poor coverage areas. If you have “Enable Local Network Time” checked, every time your Treo comes out of an area that had poor coverage and it connects to a cellular tower, it wakes up and resets the date and time. Now, imagine going in-and-out of coverage over the course of the day… it’ll wake up, reset the time, and then after the default poweroff period, it will turn the screen off; Imagine that happening over and over and over again… The quick fix for me was un-checking the “Enable Local Network Time” in Date & Time preferences and setting my location, date, time and time zone manually. Just by doing that, I gained an hour and a half of battery life every day. I use NVBackup, which has the option of setting the time against an Internet time server after the nightly backup, so that’s how I keep my time in sync.

Originally posted to Palm Addicts here.

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