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Memo to Self: take a memo…

Posted by Michael Brown on July 23, 2007

The Memo Pad, or Memos on newer Palms, is one of the most underappreciated applications on the Palm OS platform. It’s simplicity is it’s power; it’s the one place where you can put a lot of unstructured information, and then define your own structure and methods for organizing it. At last count, I’ve got over 700 memos on my Treo, and climbing daily. I write blog posts in Memos before posting them, capture quotes and other pieces of reference information, record meeting minutes, and make lists of things to do or buy.

I use psMemo as my main “front-end” to the Memos database, since it has some nice features like quick search, time and date stamps, and copy/cloning of memos or memo titles. Memoleaf also has some nice features like the keybank (tags), bulk operations like re-categorizing or marking search results private, and templates. daMemoPad gives you pop-up access to your memos from other applications, allowing you to copy and paste between programs. daMemoPad hasn’t been updated for a while, so you need to be aware that it will only access the first 4k on Memos (and not the full 32k on newer devices). Be aware that if you edit a memo that is larger than 4k using daMemoPad, it will truncate (delete) everything after the 4k point.

All of these programs work with the standard Memos database, keeping all your information in one place, meaning that your conduits will sync all that information to your desktop, where it can be backed up and searched using your desktop’s search tools. Try it, you’d be surprised how handy it can be having so much information at your fingertips, just a global find away!

Originally posted to PalmAddicts, here.

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