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Treo, collector of Memories

Posted by Michael Brown on July 18, 2007

Since buying my first Treo, the 600, and my current 650, I’ve been using the Treo as a collector of memories. Since my Treo is with me all the time, and is quick to start up, it’s the perfect capture tool for those “things that happen”. Important things get noted in DayNotez for posterity. Having two young kids, “memorable moments” happen regularly, and the Treo helps capture them. The Treo’s camera gets some pretty memorable pictures, and some pretty funny videos, when otherwise they would’ve been missed. I’ve used mVoice to record first words or funny things that the kids will say. All of them get backed up onto our fileserver, and we can share the experiences together using our Home Theatre PC, Freevo. I also use the media application on the Treo as my “Brag Book”, where I can show these memorable moments to friends and family, no matter where I am.

Originally posted to PalmAddicts, here.

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