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Ubuntu “Fiesty Fawn” 7.04 quickies

Posted by Michael Brown on April 23, 2007

A couple of quick notes about “Fiesty” after I upgraded the HTPC in the family room from 6.10 to 7.04:

It includes Linux kernel 2.6.20 (Debian Etch only includes 2.6.18). It’s got nice hardware support, including the k8temp module needed by my AMD 3500+ processor on the ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard. It also has the Nvidia drivers available in the restricted modules section. I had to manually install the nvidia drivers, as it was an ‘apt-get’ upgrade (I’ve been stripping this install back to the bones since it’s more of a multi-media “appliance” than a PC).

Mplayer is majorly broken in Fiesty. Playing a video results in distorted sound. I ended up having to reconfigure Freevo to use xine instead of mplayer. So, be wary if you use mplayer (or software that depends on mplayer) if you plan on upgrading to Fiesty Fawn.

UPDATE: July 2007. The specific problem is that mplayer’s mp3lib is broken. After googling around, I found that adding “afm=libmad” (without quotes) in /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf fixed the problem.


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