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The Treo as a Ubiquitous Capture Tool

Posted by Michael Brown on February 19, 2007

Here’s one I posted to the PalmAddicts website back in November. I’ve added links to some of the products listed here, as I use and like them, and would happily recommend them.

Practitioners of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”, or GTD for short, are aware of the need to capture things as they happen. The Treo can be a perfect Ubiquitous Capture Tool, since it’s as powerful as it is portable. For me, I use mVoice as a voice recorder to capture things that I don’t have time to process properly. I also use DateBk 6’s Daily Journal feature, combined with a customized Journal template and ShortCut5’s text shortcuts to let me capture events at work for time tracking. Those Journals sync nicely to Outlook, where I have filters defined to let me see stuff that has to be entered into our time tracking application. Natara’s DayNotez is my personal Journal and collection of random history, and the Memo’s application captures all my other tidbits of reference information (693 memos at last count). All this, and a phone too! was the original link

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