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A whole lotta changin going on!

Posted by Michael Brown on December 15, 2006

Coming up on the new year has me looking at how things have been going, how they’re running now, and how I’d like them to be running. Things aren’t quite the same as they were when I first started Solutions At Hand. I had started the company in January 2004 with some money from my severance, and the desire to keep it within my means (meaning no outside capital like loans or VC). Having my daughter at home with me meant no daycare fees, but it limited my availability to get out and “pound the pavement” drumming up business, which meant I couldn’t grow the business to the point where it could pay me, daycare, and be self-sustaining. So, in order to make sure my kids are properly provided for, I accepted a technical position with the government back in May. Having a “day job” has meant that I’m no longer available during the day when I used to service clients, which means I haven’t been taking on any new clients. My existing clients are very understanding, and are in good shape themselves. The problem is, I still have expenses to keep the company going, and having two young ones at home now means my discretionary time is limited. I still believe that there is a need for the services I provide, so I’ve had to start really looking at how I’m going to keep providing those services. So, I need to make the best use of my limited resources, especially time, in order to keep things going, so that means there’s gonna be a whole lotta changing goin on for the New Year.

First, the Solutions At Hand website is going to move and change. I’m going to be dropping stuff that I’m no longer doing, like sales. Since my blog gets more traffic than any other page on my existing site, I’ve decided to host the new site at That gives me the benefit of not having to maintain my own Zope infrastructure, like I’ve been currently doing (yes, I’ve had an external provider who serves up the “real” site for the last two years, but I’ve maintained an internal one for testing and backup purposes). I’ll move the blog and other content over, and post a link when it’s ready. I’ll also be redirecting to the new blog. I’ll also be combining the seperate news and blog RSS feeds into the one blog. You can find the blog at

Another tough decision is how I’ll be delivering services. Generally, I’ve been doing one-on-one service in the past; however, since my time is limited, I’ve come to the conclusion that classroom-style workshops and seminars are the only way to be able to service clients and keep the company going. Stay tuned for more info in the new year on that front. Thanks for your patronage, and I look forward to bringing forth the new Solutions At Hand website & blog real soon!

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