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Happy Valentine’s Day

Posted by Michael Brown on February 14, 2006

Here’s a few tips on how your PDA can help you and your relationship. Some are from last years Valentine’s Day post, and some are new.

  1. Create an appointment in your calendar to do something special for your special someone. You can set a reminder alarm that will sound hours (or even days) before your event to give you time to get organized.
  2. Keep the names and numbers of flower shops, fine restaurants, and babysitters in your address book. If you have a smartphone like the Treo, then it’s that much easier to make your reservation – just tap to dial!
  3. If you’re surfing the web, reading something, or talking with someone and you run across something good (poem, quotes, ideas and recipes) then write or copy it into your memo pad so it will be with you when you need it. You’ll always be able to find it in a split-second using your Palm’s find feature, and you’ll dazzle your partner with your romantic side.
  4. During the course of the year, when you hear your special someone talk about the things they enjoy, write it down in a Palm Memo so you don’t forget. You can keep a running list of gift ideas, date ideas, etc. that you can refer to when you’d like to do something special for that someone special.
  5. Create a task or tasks in your to-do list to get flowers, chocolates, or something that your significant other loves. Set the due date sufficiently far enough ahead that you have time to do it.
  6. If you haven’t done any of the aforementioned things, then you probably want to copy these tips into the note of a new appointment in your Palm’s calendar. Date it for February 7th, and have it repeat every year with an alarm to remind you.

All of these tips work for occasions other than Valentine’s Day. Birthday’s, anniversaries, date nights, and other special occasions can benefit from being prepared. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!


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