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Getting back to normal…

Posted by Michael Brown on March 31, 2005

Things are getting back to normal, although a little more slowly than I had expected. There’s a lot of work involved in moving, getting stuff placed where it should be, and just plain finding things again. I’ve also had to run an extra network connection where I hadn’t initially expected one.

In the middle of getting settled in, I’m also having to get going on my year-end accounting and doing my GST return. I use the open-source accounting application SQL-Ledger; while powerful, it’s not a hand-holding type of application like Quickbooks. It works exactly like a proper double-entry ledger, and requires you to understand some proper accounting principles. Since I’m not exactly a math wiz, it’s taken a bit of trial and error on my part to get the hang of it. It’s a great application, and one I would highly recommend. You can find it at

Part of the getting set up in the new place involves changing the set-up to accomodate looking after my little girl when I’m in the office. She’s with me the days that I’m not on-site, so my work environment has to accommodate her needs right now, which are a play area and time with “Dada”. My family is important to me, and I’m proud to be able to see her grow during her formative years. She’ll be 2 this summer, and I’ve been fortunate to be with her and see her develop during this crucial period. I’m currently on my third career in Solutions At Hand, and I know that jobs come and go; family is forever. It’s tough to balance the two of them, but it’s the things we have to work hardest for that we value the most. I want to leave you with one thought: Be proud of who you are, and all the roles you play in life. The roles you may take for granted may be the most important ones you ever have.

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