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We’re Moving!

Posted by Michael Brown on March 14, 2005

No, we’re not going to another city or country, so there’s no worries about me disappearing! We’re moving from our current location in the Bank & Hunt Club area to our new location in Riverside South. There, we’ll have more room to grow, and we’ll be better equipped to add new voice and data services as the business grows. That will also be our permanent location, as we’re expecting to be there for the next 20 years or so.

How will our moving affect you?

Our phone and fax numbers will NOT be changing, as those are provided by our wireless carrier (Bell Mobility). Similarly, our e-mail addresses will also NOT be changing, as those are managed by Solutions At Hand. We’ll obviously have a new mailing address, which will be going out after the move. Mail will be forwarded after the move, so nothing should go amiss. This week we’re finishing up the preparations for the move, getting services installed and operational at the new location, and packing stuff at the old location. Thursday evening I’ll be taking our e-mail server offline in preparation for the move and the transfer of our Internet connection to the new location. This will affect mail to me personally, as well as mail intended for our automated ticket system. Mail sent during the outage will be queued for later delivery when our mail server is back on-line, so no e-mail should be lost during the move. Our Website is hosted externally, so it will not be affected in the slightest by our move.

So, this week through to next Monday the 21st I won’t be available for phone or e-mail support, on-site visits, or other sales, training or support calls. I expect that things should be back to normal by day’s end Tuesday, with all services operational and the office un-packed and ready to roll! I appreciate your understanding during this move, and I look forward to being able to serve you better in the coming months. Following the move, I’ll be working on some more exciting new stuff, which I hope to be able to announce by the end of April. Stay tuned for more news to come!

For those folks reading my Blog, I won’t be able to post next Monday the 21st, as I’ll be finishing up the move. I hope to have something on Tuesday or Wednesday, so feel free to drop by on those days. Have a great week!

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