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New RSS feed and other Blog stuff.

Posted by Michael Brown on January 26, 2005

Just a quick note to say we’ve got a new RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed going for my WebLog. It was actually pretty easy to make thanks to the Zope Application server we’re now based on. A few lines of DTML code, and we now have a compliant RSS 2.0 feed! I’m doing most of this stuff in DTML (read: manually doing things instead of finding products that will do it for me) so I can really learn it; I’m definitely liking how flexible the Zope Server is for content creation and maintenance.

In case you’re wondering how I’ll be creating these Blog entries, you can rest assured that I’m using my Palm Powered Handheld to do most of the work. I compose the actual blog in the Memo Pad application on my handheld. I’m using some 3rd party applications to create “templates” for each entry; basically, it formats the date entry and adds some HTML tags. I then write my entry when and wherever I wish using the handheld and entering information with the Graffiti text input. Later, I HotSync it to my desktop computer, where I copy and paste it into the Zope Blog form.

I’ll look at adding additional feeds to the site where it makes sense to do so. I’ll also look at using other tools on the website in the future, like calendaring, which would allow for the display of training dates for public courses and such.

2006-12-13 This post is obsoleted since moving to WordPress, but I’ve moved it for archival purposes.

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